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Bought, Caught, & Released - Angler and Fishing Events

"I've got a deep love for fishing, almost as strong as my love for people. Take a peek at the some of the angler and fishing events where I have been able to share and love on people."

Being a pro angler sheds a whole new light on the art of fishing. Whenever I get the chance to speak at fishing events or connect with fellow enthusiasts in this amazing world of angling, I naturally find myself sharing what truly captured my heart long before I fell in love with fishing, Jesus.

I've had the privilege of attending and being sponsored by some of the most prestigious organizations in the fishing world. These organizations comprise BASSMASTER, established by the renowned Ray Scott, and FLW, originally founded by Forest L. Wood before being acquired by MLF (Major League Fishing) in 2019, with 50% ownership held by The Outdoor Channel. These affiliations have allowed me to immerse myself in the rich history and culture of professional angling, while also connecting with true legends of the sport.

Additionally, I've had the honor of representing and receiving support from top-tier sponsors like SKEETER BOATS, RANGER BOATS, KISTLER RODS, and SHIMANO REELS. Their dedication to excellence in fishing equipment has greatly contributed to my success on the water.

In the world of professional fishing, I've also had the privilege of meeting and learning from some of the most iconic figures in the sport. A GREAT OUTDOORSMAN, Hank Parker, clinched victory in two Bassmaster Classics. Bill Dance is a three-time winner of the BASS Angler of the Year award and is the host the Bill Dance Outdoors Show. Both have been influential mentors and friends.

I've also had the pleasure of befriending the legendary, Jimmy Houston, as he not only fishes professionally but also hosts his own tv program, Jimmy Houston Outdoors. He also shares his heart for the Lord in his book, "The Catch of the Day". His knowledge and passion for the sport are truly inspiring.

Furthermore, I've had the opportunity to cross paths with a legend in another realm, the great Billy Cannon. He's one of the most famous players in LSU sports history. His remarkable achievements and impact on the world of sports have made a lasting impression on me.

Experiencing God's presence on the water turns the moment into a profoundly deep experience, as if He is standing right beside you. I'd be absolutely delighted to share my fishing and God adventures with you.


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