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WHERE do you speak and WHO do you speak to?

Bought, Caught, & Released - Angler and Fishing Events


I've got a deep love for fishing, almost as strong as my love for people. Take a peek at the some of the angler and fishing events below where I have been able to share and love on people or click read more and view our online portfolio. 

"I have heard Kat share in various venues, to different audiences, on vastly different topics and platforms.

Kat will share the truth of God's Word in whatever setting God opens up for her to share."

- Mary L. Gore

 Toledo Bend Baptist  Resort Ministry

God's Great Outdoors -

Men and Women's Outdoor and Hunting Events

Embracing my Louisiana roots, my world revolves around the incredible outdoors that God has blessed us with. I'd like to invite you to explore a bit of our hunting adventures and speaking events. So, let's take a casual stroll below through the wilderness together, shall we?

Below are a few events we have done but you can also learn more by clicking the button below to view our online portfolio and heart for the great outdoors. 


"Let this true report from someone who has lived that life help you find

peace, purpose, power and freedom.

You owe it to yourself!"

- Dennis Aaron

Sr. Pastor, Open Range Fellowship

Women's, Church & Family Events

Are you in the process of arranging a church gathering, family event, or women's conference? I'm deeply enthusiastic about the possibility of joining as a speaker and contributing to your community's growth, healing, and enrichment.


Let's establish a connection and transform your upcoming event into an occasion people won't forget by sharing God's love and His Word. Below are a few of these events I've had the honor to be at. You can also view the full portfolio by clicking read more.

Kat 3.jpg

"Kat shares the lessons that she has learned in the most penetrating way that will capture the hearts of adults and young people."

- Dr. Rod Masteller

Director of Joseph Willis Institute

Kat 6.jpg

Youth Events and Camps

I absolutely adore the energy that youth events and youth groups bring to our world. With a somewhat tough upbringing, my heartfelt desire is to connect with those young minds and spirits, sharing hope that resonates with them exactly where they are.


Whether it's an outdoor event or youth camp I'd love to share the beauty of God's love with your youth. Check out some of our youth events below and view the full portfolio by clicking read more. 

"Kat shares the lessons she has learned in a most penetrating way that will capture the hearts of adults and young people."

- Dr. Rod Masteller

Casey Divinity School Director

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