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The Ramp

After a long week of pre-fishing and finally the tournament, I wondered had I missed my mission for My Lord.

The Focus Group was very small, as in only three of us, yet well delivered by another angler, Jenny.

Throughout my days I shared my love for Christ, handed out tracts and Christian Hunter Angler magazines including during the weigh-in at Sam'sClub, but I still felt I had missed it.

On Sunday after the farewells, I drove to Brentwood, TN to receive a treatment on Monday morning for my Organophosphate Poisoning. I arrived at 11:00 but check-in wasn't until 3:00. It's Mother's Day and I'm 10 hours from my family. I found the closest body of water to launch my boat. For me,the beauty of peace, comfort and serenity is always found on the water. Before I could launch, three rescue trucks raced in and asked everyone to leave the area. A man had drown. I offered to stay if needed to comfort the family but they had been taken to another location. I drove away feeling deeply saddened. A husband, son and father was missing in those waters on Mother's Day. I prayed for peace and comfort for the family.

I found another location to launch. As the waters were extremely high and stirred, I decided just to motor around the lake. Two Egyptian children bank fishing with their dad, in a calm pocket, waved me down. They begged to ride in my boat stating they had never been in a boat before. With Dad's permission and life jackets in tact they laughed and screamed with joy. After returning them to the shore I was honored to have the priceless opportunity to share that moment with the teen girl and young boy. I wondered why there was no mother in the picture but that was not my business. As I pulled away, I thought, did I miss it? Why didn't I share Jesus with them? I gave the young girl my card so perhaps she will read my website.

As I loaded my boat, a man in his truck asked if I caught anything. He was aware of the conditions of the water so I shared my boating experience with the children. Although he smiled, I could see the painful burden in his face. He said he noticed my truck and asked about Bought, Caught & Released. I told him the story. The pain became more evident so I asked the question, " Is there anything I can pray for and with you about?" Struggling to hold back the tears he replied, "Yes, there is. It's my wife's only son, Trapis. He's 31 with cancer. They removed his lung but there is another mass now. My wife is in total denial, confused and terribly saddened. Trapis has two sons, Caleb, 11 and Austin, 9. I don't know what to do or what to say. I feel helpless right now. I want my wife to be ok, but she can't be."

I knew their pain, the possible loss of a son. Craig was 14 when his life on earth ended abruptly by an accidental shooting. The pain is the same. I shared the loss of Craig and much of my testimony and watched his face as Hope arrived. He was taken by the Joy that God has filled me with no matter the circumstances. He called his wife, Lynn, to grab Austin from the shower and Caleb from the television to come to the ramp. I told the boys to always remember Jesus' Love for them, no matter the circumstances. As they threw rocks in the water, Tony, Lynn, and I cried out to Our Father on Mother's Day for Trapis and the family.

Hope was found at The Ramp.

Mission accomplished!

*Never doubt God's ability and perfect timing. Our value is not measured by the things we do, but by the things He does through us according to His perfect plan. It's about Him, just be ready!

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